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Sara Diehl  

Owner, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Author

Educational Background: Behavioral Analysis, Psychology, Applied Behavioral Psychology, Advanced DISC Administrator


Coaching Approach: Driven by a deep sense of purpose, truth, and intuition, Sara Diehl pours her talents and passion for helping others rise, into executive and life coaching. The approach at Empire Coaching is a uniquely cultivated process based on results. Empire Coaching was built on Sara Diehl's belief that, in utilizing the tools available to us, we can transcend the daily noise, conditioning, past belief systems, fear, and bad habits; to come out on the other side refreshed, blissful, on solid ground, and ready to accelerate our lives!


Current Project: The Leadership Protection Formula: How to Get What You Want, Protect It, and Keep It

The leadership book of the new business revolution... COMING FALL 2019! 

Nicholle Gulcur

Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Creation & Design

Background & Experience: Executive Training, Event Planning, Wellness Coaching


Nicholle Gulcur excels in captivating people with natural charisma, persuading others effectively and subtly with charm, and identifying the best possibilities in any person or situation, then motivating and inspiring them to reach toward that best version of their self.


She understands that while some people are born natural leaders, for the overwhelming majority of individuals in a leadership role, those skill must be systematically developed and enhanced. 


Nicholle brings an element of excitement, enthusiasm, and passion to subjects that others generally find boring or routine. Her sincere passion for developing others by first connecting with them and engaging them on their level comes through in her program creation. A combination of unique and admirable creativity with professionalism and subject competence in the field of leadership development is so rare - and this is where Nicholle truly adds the ultimate value to your organization as well as our team here at Empire Coaching. 

"Commit yourself to a passion that moves you."

Bill Strickland

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