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The pathway to unlocking human potential begins with understanding human behavior. With a heavy emphasis on human behavioral analysis, Empire Coaching has teamed up with People Keys to empower growth with real data. DISC shows us, on paper; communication styles, shadow behaviors, stress points, strengths, skill sets, and so much more.

Why do we do what we do?

How are we making decisions?

What is our communication style?

Are we on the right career path? 


For employers, maintaining the ability to answer these questions about your direct reports is the difference between knowing and guessing. 

  • accurate
  • reliable
  • consistent

DISC does not measure intelligence, aptitude, or mental health. DISC profiles describe human behavior in various situations. For example, the DISC questionnaire asks about how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, how you respond to rules and procedures, and about your preferred pace of activity.

  • eliminate blind spots

  • understand miscommunications

  • resolve conflict based on a deeper understanding of the underlying driving behaviors

  • get the right people in the door, in the right places for your teams and profits to accelerate. 

  • develop a higher awareness in understanding teams/employees historical character, communication style, compatibility, group dynamics, growth areas, and so much more.


Q  How often should DISC be administered?

A  If it's been more than 2 years, it's time to reassess.


Q Can I use DISC to hire or career path employees?

A Yes, benchmarking with DISC eliminates blind spots and allows us to see the strengths, shadows, and values of an individual. 


Q Can I use DISC for an entire team?

A Yes, DISC is the perfect tool for teams to understand exactly how indivual personalities will work together. 

DISC allows you to see all of the hidden elements that directly affect your business, teams, employees, and bottom line.

What Is The DISC Process?


We offer several DISC options and will help you choose which one is the best fit for you, your team, or executives. 


Digital links are sent and assessments usually take about 20-minutes to complete. Results are sent to you immediately. 


With the proper training, you can debrief results with your team or executives, or one of our certified coaches can take care of this.


DISC will put the assessee on paper and from there, it's grow time! We will use your assessment to plan for the future.

Which Assessment Is Right For Me or My Team?

Basic DISC

DISC is a simple assessment tool yielding profound insight into human actions and behavior by identifying the intensity of four personality traits; dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. This assessment will provide you with in-depth information based on your specific results. 

2D Report

The DISC Personality System + The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) together create an unparalleled, insightful analysis that focuses on behavior and life passions. This assessment will provide in-depth information into the personality, needs, internal motivators, environmental preferences, and underlying passions guiding an individual's thinking, communicating, and behavior. 

3D Report

The DISC Personality System + DISC TEAMS Thinking Styles + Values Assessment in one report to gain insight into behaviors, hidden motivators, and thinking styles to identify team dimensions and workplace values. This comprehensive team-building tool reveals an individual's natural operating tendencies in a group environment. This report can identify the most proficient areas of placement for each individual, while the values portion measures what really motivates an individual to succeed and thrive.  

4D Report

The DISC Personality System + DISC TEAMS Thinking Styles + Values Assessment + The Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI) all rolled into one thorough and comprehensive report. The Four Dimensions of Personality Report (4D) is a revolutionary report offering 1,440 different points of comparison for successfully define an individual's predictable behaviors, communication styles, preferences for tasks, decision making process, leadership abilities, organizational skills, communication style, strengths and limitations, motivators, and behavioral attitudes in alignment with their workplace culture, environment, expectations, and emotional placement. 


The Scholastic

Success Report

Are you a teacher, parent, coach, or administrator? Do you find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what motivates and effects each specific child? Have you ever considered mapping their communication style, behavioral style, motivators, and strengths?


The Scholastic Success Report is a profound, yet simple tool that will allow you to map a child or student on paper, in a way that opens the door for conversations on everything from communicating more effectively to their future plans and goals. Whether you plan to use this with students to identify their motivators, or to use this at home to dive deeper into your relationship with your child(ren), this report will provide in-depth information in a tangible and easily digestible way.

Bulk pricing is available for schools, districts, teams, and studios. Please inquire for rates. 

The most profound gift a teacher or parent can offer students is a greater understanding of themselves.

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