This report helps students, parents and teachers get in sync to design a student’s best learning environment.

*Make homework time easier.

*Empower your student. 

*Create the best learning environment.

*Learn what motivates your child. 

*Learn how to communicate with your child. 

*Share your results with teachers and coaches so they know exactly what your child needs to thirve.


This complete personality and communication preferences report helps teachers and parents to learn how to speak their student’s unique DISC language. Your report has three sections:

  • one written to the student
  • one written to the parent
  • one to the teacher, tutor, or coach

Teachers, tutors, parents and students (ages 9 and up) can benefit from the insight and communication tips in this report.


The assessment is taken online, takes 10 minutes or less, and you get your results immediately. Simple, quick, and very accurate!

Scholastic Success Report

  • There will be no returns processes on used assessments. 

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